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Thread: The confused crow that thinks it's a dog

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    Default The confused crow that thinks it's a dog

    With his sleek black feathers, sharp beak and wings there would seem to be little disputing the facts: this is a crow.

    It’s just a shame no one has got round to explaining that to Jack – the bird that thinks he’s a dog.
    When the Notaro-Livingstone family first discovered their confused pet, he was too small to fend for himself and so they took him in and cared for him.

    Jack tucks into his dog biscuits from a bowl

    But after just ten weeks of living with the family, the crow has some serious identity issues.
    Joe, 11 said: ‘"I found Jack when I went fishing - he was so tiny and he couldn't even lift his own head.
    "I brought him home and we looked after him. And now he thinks he's a dog and he tries to protect us - he even jumps on the postman's head."
    The family, from Huntsworth, Somerset, already has five other dogs.

    The confused bird even likes to help collect the post in the morning

    The local postman cowers in fear - or bemusement - as he battles to fight off Jack the cow-dog

    Joe, 11, and Cheryl, 12, Notaro-Livingstone with Paddy the Yorkshire Terrier and Jack the crow
    Jack will often disappear for the day but returns home to hop around the worktops and drink from the kitchen sink.
    Joe's sister, 12-year-old Cheryl, said: "Whenever we get in the car, he jumps in too because he wants to come with us.
    "And when mum comes back, he jumps on her lap like an excitable puppy.
    "He is stubborn but really thinks he is part of the family."

    Caw blimey! The confused crow that thinks it's a dog | Mail Online

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    Aww-what a happy crow and what a nice family!
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    That is so cool! I love crows--they are so smart.
    What I really want to know is whether it makes your poop glow in the dark after eating it! ~ Kittylady

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    I love crows too, but I don't know why. I just wish I could have crow for a pet too. Too damn cute!

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    <<Clearly, I love crows and ravens! They are so smart and funny! I love watching the moms feed their squawking babies, when the babies are the exact same size as the mom....

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