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Thread: Dog's amazing five-year, 850-mile journey

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    Default Dog's amazing five-year, 850-mile journey

    A beagle, who vanished from his young owner's New York garden five years ago, has been found more than 850 miles away.

    Rocco the beagle reunited with Natalie Villacis

    A dog shelter in Hinesville, Georgia, was able to reunite Rocco with Natalie Villacis, now 11, and her family in Queens because of the identity microchip that they had had embedded under his skin.
    He went missing, slipping under a back garden fence, in the spring of 2003 and his distraught owners plastered the neighbourhood with posters, but without success.
    Natalie's parents, Jorge and Cristina, said they could not initially believe the voicemail message left by the animal shelter.

    "We didn't think it could possibly be him - Natalie never stopped thinking about him but he thought he was gone for good," Mr Villacis, an antiques restorer, told the New York Post.
    He found it difficult to recognise the dog when he flew to Georgia but he was reassured to see that - aside from a scar on his ear and being infested with fleas - he was healthy.
    Steven Weinstein, a local vet, said Rocco was also suffering from heartworm disease but he had prescribed antibiotics to deal with the parasites.
    Randy Durrence, an Animal Control Supervisor in Hinesville, said Rocco was found walking down a road near Ford Stewart, a local army base.
    Mr Durrence speculated that someone in the US military might have brought Rocco from New York to Georgia.
    "I am sure you can't survive five years and look that well. He has muscles, and being on the street, I don't think he can get like that," he said.
    Natalie Villacis said she kept her dog's favourite stuffed toy and had never stopped wondering "what happened to Rocco, where he went and if someone good found him".
    "Every time I would see a dog on the street , I would say to my mom, 'Maybe Rocco will come back'," Natalie said.
    "She would say that he probably isn't going to come back. I would say, 'I know, but maybe he will'."

    Dog's amazing five-year, 850-mile journey - Telegraph

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    I saw a snippit of this on The Today Show this morning and wondered where he'd been all these years. I need to get my dog microchipped. It's something I've put off doing, but there's no excuse.

    I'm glad this baby made it home - I hope they have a lot of happy years together.
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    That is a happy dog-and little girl.
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