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Thread: Lily Allen gets a rescue dog called Honey

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    Default Lily Allen gets a rescue dog called Honey

    This hair color is not the only recent change in Lily Allen's life she picked up a new dog yesterday! Meet Honey, the rescued pooch from London's Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The singer shared her thoughts on the pup in a blog post last week:
    Anyways in other news, I'm getting a dog from Battersea dogs home, I found her on the weekend, and after a visit from a rehoming officer hopefully, I'll have her by next week. She's called Honey and she's quite fat (insert dogs like their owners joke here), but very sweet, she's a mongrel. There were so many Staffordshire Bullies there, it was so sad. People should really think about getting puppies from breeders or breeding them for that matter, if you saw all those poor dogs without a home with their sad little faces, you wouldn't even think about buying dogs from people who profit.

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    hate her, but love the rescue deed.
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    That dog is having a fine time!
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    I'm so happy for that poor dog! I don't care about her really but that act alone is putting her in my good books.

    She's gotten pretty round again.

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    good for her for rescuing! the dog looks cute, but she looks like crap!

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