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Thread: The surfing competition for dogs

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    Default The surfing competition for dogs

    These canines bring a whole new meaning to the term sea dog.

    In cool shades, T-shirts and Hawaiian shirts, these mutts know how to ride on the crest of a wave better than most humans can - and they showed their stuff at America's largest surfing competition for dogs.

    Looking cool catching the wave

    Dog's Life: A bedraggled competitor looks like he's seen better surfing days
    Despite some rough conditions, about 60 brave four-legged competitors took part in the epic competition, the 3rd Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition at Imperial Beach in California.

    And with a chance of wining a holiday on the San Diego resort, all the creatures great and small took part - perhaps with dogged prompting from their owners.

    A doggie surfer rides alongside a fellow - human - surfer
    But whether the dogs managed any 'tube riding', 'bottom turns', 'pumps' or equally impressive moves, there could, of course, be only one top dog in the end.
    Each dog and team had three waves (or chances) to impress the judges and was scored on confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to "grip it and rip it."
    They were divided into three categories, with a TJ the Spanish spaniel taking first place in the 'Small surf dogs' category, Stoli the black Lab taking gold in the 'Large' surf dogs category, and Zoey the Jack Russell (with his owners) taking first in the 'Teams' category - dogs surfing with their owners.

    Dogged determination is needed for a surfer to stay on their board on all fours

    Some old sea dogs show they're really cool canines by taking part in a surf competition for mutts | Mail Online

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    this was held right down the road from my house. not a bit of publicity about it here locally until after the fact. i wish i'd known i'd have gone down there. very cool!
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    my Pug can't even stand to get wet!

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