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Thread: Peacocks attack cars they mistake for love rivals

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    Default Peacocks attack cars they mistake for love rivals

    When Percy the peacock first strutted into the village, residents saw him as a feather in their cap.

    They admired his plumage and agreed that he brightened the place up. But when Percy found a partner and started a family, they weren't quite so impressed.

    The birds began wrecking gardens, damaging property, and screeching into the night.

    Attack: A peacock strikes after seeing its reflection in a blue car
    And although the peacocks still have a handful of supporters, villagers are so fed up, they are voting to decide whether Percy should be knocked off his perch.

    John Durham, 75, explained: 'It was okay when we just had Percy. At first we were quite taken aback by his wonderful feathers. But then a peahen arrived, and in no time at all they produced a family.'
    Mr Durham, of Martin, Lincolnshire, added: 'As soon as the first colour began to show through on my begonias, the peacocks came and ate the lot. I also planted a bed of parsley, but when my wife went out to pick some to go with fish for tea there were only a couple of sprigs left.'

    Such was the strength of feeling, that Martin's parish council decided it was time to put it to the vote.

    Caught: The brightly coloured bird scratches a car
    So next month, villagers will be canvassed to find out whether the 11 peacocks should be moved on.

    Some still hope for a reprieve. Denise Jameson, landlady of the Royal Oak pub, said: 'I like them they are characters and add to the community.'

    Meanwhile, in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, officials are rounding up peacocks who attack cars to fend off rivals after seeing their own reflections in the paintwork.
    This week the local council flew into action - catching two females, called peahens - by baiting cages with cat food and peanuts.
    But two males, peacocks, and three peahens are still on the loose, launching kung-fu style double foot kick attacks on cars in a three street radius in the West Sussex village and causing drivers to swerve to avoid them as they wander down the middle of the road.

    Damage: Scratches left by the birds

    Resident Peter Bennett, 65, said he had called in the council - along with dozens of other residents - after the birds scratched his light blue Ford Ka dozens of times.
    He said: "They are beautiful birds, but to be honest they have become a real nuisance. The amount of time I spend touching up scratches on my car is ridiculous.
    'They frighten young children and wake everybody up at 3am with bloodcurdling mating calls.'

    Angry: Neighbours Peter and Doreen Bennett of Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex
    The retired undertaker, who is married to Doreen, 69, added: "They attack the reflection they see of themselves in the cars.
    'They have attacked my light blue Ford Ka dozens of times and I spend hours every week touching up the scratches or taking it to the garage for work.
    'They must have damaged scores and scores of cars in the village and the damage done mounts up to thousands of pounds.

    'It's too high a price to pay, even though they are beautiful birds to look at.
    'I'll be glad to see the back of them.'

    Catch the peacock: An irate couple try to snare one of the birds
    The birds also eat flowers and ruin people's gardens by scratching up plants.
    Resident Evie Davey said she loved the birds but that she was sick and tired of the early morning squawking and the attacks on residents' cars.

    Mrs Davey, who is in her 70s, said: 'I do like them, but they are naughty.
    'They scream and wake everyone up and they have damaged a lot of people's cars after fighting their own reflections. '
    Deputy clerk of Hurstpierpoint Parish Council Jo Kearns said that they were working with residents to rid the area of the pesky birds.

    Troublemaker: One of seven rogue peacocks alongside parked cars
    Speaking yesterday, she said: "We have caught two peahens so far, with the help of residents.
    'They are very difficult to capture and we have to try to lure them into cages with their favourite foods - cat food or peanuts.
    'They arrived about two or three years ago and the problem is some residents really love them and feed them, so they stay where they are.

    Prowl: One of the women eyes up a new target

    'But other residents have obviously got sick and tired of them standing in the middle of the road, damaging cars, frightening children and digging up flower beds and plants.'
    She said the two birds captured so far had been handed over to an animal lover with a smallholding in nearby Lewes and that the other five birds - the national symbol of India - would be given to the same person when they were caught.
    She added: 'Peacocks are not protected birds, so the RSPB or RSPCA are not really interested in dealing with them as they are not under threat or in danger.'

    Mischief: One of the peacocks sniffs at some flowers

    Feathered fiends: Pride of rampaging peacocks attack cars they mistake for love rivals | Mail Online

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    Good lord people! Buy a cloth cover for your car so that they won't feel threatened by it.

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