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Thread: Close shave for Freddy the feline

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    Default Close shave for Freddy the feline

    Freddy was stuck up the 25ft (7.6m) high power lines

    A cat survived 18 hours clinging to high voltage power lines in a Wiltshire village.
    Engineers from Southern Electric, helped by firefighters and RSPCA officers, finally managed to rescue Freddy who was spotted 25ft (7m) up.
    A passer-by had raised the alarm after Freddy was seen close to a live wire.
    His owner Emma Evans, 33, said: "It's not unusual for Freddy to wander off for the night so I hadn't been too concerned about him."
    When rescuers finally brought him down, the cat ran home with a note from the RSPCA attached to his collar.
    It read: "Your cat's had an adventure. Can you please contact us to let us know he got home safely?" Ms Evans then contacted the RSPCA to let staff know he was safe and well.

    BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Close shave for Freddy the feline

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    lol they left a note ,kitty got lucky

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    in a van down by the river


    she's lucky she didnt get billed.
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    Cats amaze me with climbing ability! His owner should change his
    name to Lucky...

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