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    Default Murder

    14,000 dogs are put down each year in Australia. Nothing compared to cats.
    Dudes... this is murder. :| I find it shocking.

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    It would take a couple of pet generations, but getting them compulsorily desexed would be a good start...... I find it shocking that so many people either don't bother or think it's 'cruel'.
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    It's not murder, it's control. If they ran wild in the streets you'd have millions starving to death, shitting all over everything and otherwise. Dead carcasses in the streets rotting and being vectors for disease.

    An injection is infinitely kinder.
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    Allie, because people don't spay and neuter their pets, euthanasia is a necessary evil. Grimm is right about what would happen if we didn't put them down.

    And as for no kill shelters, sometimes that can be even crueler for dogs, especially ones that literally go insane, and do nothing but bark and spin around in their cages 24 hours a day. Imo, that's even more inhumane than putting them to sleep.
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    Sadly, here in the US the numbers are over 2 million

    People must be educated that it's not necessary to have your dog or cat give birth to at least one litter....nor is it necessary for your children to watch puppies or kittens being born. There are not enough good homes for these animals. Also, the backyard breeders, who churn out litter after litter for thousands of dollars profit per litter.

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    I wish the laws would change to make spay/neuter mandatory, unless one is a licensed, responsible breeder. I also wish euthanasia by injection would become law, here in TX (and in some other states) animals are often gassed.

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