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Thread: Unicorns exist!

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    Talking Unicorns exist!

    Hide This Unicorn From Mariah!

    A little baby unicorn has been discovered in Tuscay! Actually, it's a 10-month-old deer with a horn in the middle of its head. He lives in a nature preserve near Prato with his mommy and twin.
    Some smart scientist person said this about baby unicorn, "This is a demonstration that the fabled unicorn, which we all know from icons and legends, probably was not just a fantasy. It was probably an animal like this one, with a natural anomaly."
    Smart scientist person needs to try explaining this to Mimi. One glance at this picture and she immediately ordered Nick Cannon to pack up all her Hello Kitty luggage for their voyage to Italy! She's going to track down the "purdy unicornie friend" (that's what she calls him) and bring him back to the states as her personal healer and confidante.


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    that sweet little face

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