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Thread: Copenhagen Elephant House, Denmark

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    Default Copenhagen Elephant House, Denmark

    The new Elephant House, designed by architects Foster+Partners, will open to the public in Copenhagen Zoo 10 June 2008. It is as comfortable for the elephants as it is spectacular.

    The house covers 4,300 square metres which is far more than the elephants used to have in the old elephant house. A thick layer of sand covers the floor in the new house making it more comfortable for the elephants. The two huge glass domes allow for lots of daylight to pass making the house bright even during winter. The house contains a small science centre focusing on the history of the elephants, their biology, their natural habitats etc.

    The elephants moved into the new house in March and until the official opening in June, the public may watch the elephants in the outdoor enclosure. Visitors to the royal park, Frederiksberg Gardens, next door to the Zoo, may add an extra dimension to their walk in the park, as there is an open view to the outdoor enclosure from the public path.

    Pihl & Son are the main contractors of the interesting and highly complicated building project. Except from Foster+Partners the team of consultants consists of Ramboll, Buro Happold and SLS Landscape Architects. Bason is the consultant of The Animal Exhibit Development Trust that is the client of the project.

    The new Elephant House is financed through donations from a number of foundations, the Zoo itself and a number of minor sponsors. The project amounts to a total of DKK 270 million.

    The world’s best elephant house Copenhagen - Official tourist-site about Copenhagen

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    The model looks fantastic. It's nice that the elephants will get more room.
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    the sky is so blue in that first pic

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    hell, I think I want to live there!

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