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Thread: Pugs strike a pose in Vogue

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    Default Pugs strike a pose in Vogue

    If there is anything cuter than a gaggle of smooshy Pugs running all over a posh mansion, sipping tea, and showing off their super long tongues like in this month's Vogue Italia, then please let me know! Fellow animal lover Fab gave me the heads up on the cutie-patootie pugs, who are posing with the gorgeous supermodel Linda Evangelista in this high brow June spread. But pup models aren't strictly an Italian trend, Pomeranians are found playing in the pages of the June issue of Vogue here in the states, too! This is definitely a fashion trend I don't mind seeing animals as models, not as clothes.

    Pugs Strike a Pose in Vogue | fashion, Pug, Pugs | PetSugar - Furry Friends.

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    they are so adorable! I love Pugs!

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    Aww, my sister would love this article. She hates Vogue but loves pugs.

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    Love the photos, absolutely cute and beautiful.

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