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Thread: Gorgeous camel image

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    Default Gorgeous camel image

    At first glance, it looks like a train of black camels making its way across the sun-scorched sands.
    But look more closely and you will see that this is actually a bird's eye view of the procession, heading to grazing pastures near Wadi Mitan, western Oman - and the dark outlines are the beasts' shadows.

    The white shapes at their feet are, in fact, the backs of these ships of the desert.

    Herd from up high: Camels in the western Oman's desert
    This incredible picture was taken by American photographer George Steinmetz, who used a motorised paraglider to get the aerial view.

    His machine, which comprises only a wing, a motor and a single-seat harness, weighs less than 45kg and can fly for up to three hours.

    George, 51, has to pilot while he takes his aerial shots at heights of up to 500ft and a fixed speed of 30mph.

    'I use this means of flying because it allows me to photograph remote areas in a way they have never been seen before,' he says.

    The big picture: A camel herd cast majestic shadows over Oman's sun-scorched desert | Mail Online

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    That's an amazing photo. It reminds me of this photo from Yann Arthus-Bertrand's 'Earth from the Air' exhibit:

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    Beautiful photos!

    I got to hang out with some camels one afternoon. They are so sweet and have the most beautiful eyes.

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    ^Oh, yes, they have gorgeous, full eyelashes.

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    I love me some camel!
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    looks like a pretty painting

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