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Thread: The monkey mother who lost her baby ... then adopted a puppy instead

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    Default The monkey mother who lost her baby ... then adopted a puppy instead

    This mother and child make an unusual sight as they swing through the trees.
    But the odd couple have formed a special bond after the female monkey decided to adopt the puppy.
    According to locals in Jammu, India, the grieving monkey transfered its maternal affections to the pup after losing its child.

    The female monkey cradles its adopted pup
    The pair look quite happy together, but it's not they are not the first animals to make unusual companions.

    In September last year a 12-week-old macaque monkey made best friends with a pigeon in an animal sanctuary in China.
    Also in 2007 a pig adopted a tiger cub and raised him along with her piglets when his mother could not feed him.

    Monkey business: The monkey clutches the adopted pup, as another monkey approaches the tree

    In 2005 a baby deer named Mi-Lu befriended lurcher Geoffrey at the Knowsley Animal Park in Merseyside after she was rejected by her mother.
    Famously a lioness in Kenya adopted a baby oryx in 2002. Sadly it was eaten by other lions.


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    That doesn't look very safe for the pup.

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    Exchanging glances with the cunty bitches


    Those stories are really sweet. It just shows how loving animals can be.

    So what's going to happen when that *little* puppy becomes too big to be carried?
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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