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Thread: The Bark's top four dog-friendly workplaces

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    Default The Bark's top four dog-friendly workplaces

    I'm a huge fan of The Bark magazine, not only because it's based here on the West Coast, but they consistently report great info and news for dogs and their owners. In this month's issue just in time for Take Your Dog to Work Day coming up on June 20 Bark dug into the nation's most pet-friendly workplaces and came up with their top four faves. Not only does this story have me wanting to make a little space for North by my desk here at Sugar HQ, but it also has me saying "Awww!" since you know that both owners and pets have a blast at work every day!
    • Amazon: Anywhere from 24 to 36 dogs come to work daily at the Seattle, WA, headquarters. Owners must first register their pups and agree to rules like keeping vaccines up to date and staying on a leash unless they're in their office, of course.
    • Healthwise: This Boise, ID, company that employs around 200 people have welcomed pets in the office since day one in 1975. Doggies must adhere to a "three-strikes" rule, ensuring that problem pooches get adequate warning before being booted. But with the miles of hiking trails that surround the complex, the pups seem to be too content (or just too tired) to cause trouble.
    To see the remaining two dog-loving companies, just read more.
    • Replacements, LTD: You would think that a 12,000-square-foot warehouse containing tons of china, crystal, and collectibles would be no place for dogs, but Replacements' founder, Bob Page, begs to differ. With people coming into the showroom just to visit the dogs, it must be good for business! Bob makes sure that his employees' pets' behavior remains their responsibility by recommending training for naughty doggies, then allowing them back to the office in three months. Kind of like dog probation, right?
    • Ben & Jerry's: The ice cream giant's headquarters in South Burlington, VT knows their 15 office dogs by name, and often introduces them to touring guests right alongside the employees. The dog-friendly environment is so therapeutic, that one Ben & Jerry's employee who was afraid of dogs before starting, has since become a dog lover and adopted two golden retrievers of her own!

    Top Dog Friendly Places to Work | Amazon, Ben and Jerry's, Healthwise | PetSugar - Furry Friends.

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    I don't know if knowing that there are dogs at Ben and Jerry's is a good thing...

    Obviously they follow health codes, but it might not be good publicity for them.

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    This is the sort of thing I'm on the fence about. What about the people who are severely allergic to dogs? I don't think it's particulary fair for them or their job to suffer, because they're sick from the dogs.

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    ^I didn't even think about that. I have a feeling that most people who are allergic wouldn't accept a position at one of those companies, rather than make the rules change just for them. But who knows these days.
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    I work from home with my Pug and Kitty, Simon, right with me!

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    i would love to take my dog to go to teach with me!!
    but hed be a huge distraction lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVZ View Post
    I don't know if knowing that there are dogs at Ben and Jerry's is a good thing...

    Obviously they follow health codes, but it might not be good publicity for them.
    I don't think that you are allowed to bring your dog to Ben & Jerry's when you work directly with the product. I think it's for the persons working at the bureaus and administrative...? (hopefully )

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