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Thread: Curtains made just for Kitty

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    Default Curtains made just for Kitty

    Industrial Designer Sandy Lam took notice of how cats love to play with curtains and used it as inspiration for her new product concept, Catain, a curtain for cats. The modular curtain is made from square panels that attach with Velcro. Assemble the squares however you like and use Catain as a curtain or room divider.
    Panel designs include:
    1. Chain panel that lets cats walk through from one side to the other
    2. Domed panel where cats can hide or nap
    3. Burlap and felt combo for a texture sensation
    4. Dangling catnip mice for hours of entertainment
    5. Pockets with refillable catnip pouches
    6. Woven panel for scratching and rubbing
    Entertainment for kitty and art for you! However, kitty may think that all the curtains are fair game after getting a taste of this idea.

    Curtains Made Just for Kitty: Introducing Catain by Designer Sandy Lam — moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all with modern style

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    I think my Simon would love it!

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    how is the cat gonna nap on a wall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVZ View Post
    how is the cat gonna nap on a wall?
    They'll jump up and use it like a hammock! Soooo cute!
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