Eager to feel the sand beneath his paws, Arnold the St Bernard had gleefully bounded down the 130 steps leading to the beach.
When the time came to return to his owner on the cliff top above, however, he found himself all at sea.

In a lifeboat, to be precise, after a full-scale emergency rescue..

Arnold the St. Bernard-mastiff sparked a major rescue operation after getting stuck on a beach
For while elderly Arnold, who weighs around 15 stone, had found the descent easy enough, climbing back up all those steps again proved to be beyond his athletic capabilities.
As night fell and the tide came in, he was left stranded on the enclosed cove and nothing his worried owner, who has not been named, could entice him back up again.
Fearing the worst, she called the coastguard. And so it was that a RNLI lifeboat crew had to come to the rescue of Arnold, whose breed is better known for being rescuers.
Newquay Coast Guard Rescue Team put a muzzle on Arnold and tried in vain to get him back up the cliff before resorting to calling Newquay lifeboat to rescue him by boat.
The shaggy dog SOS drama unfolded at Whipsiderry beach, near Newquay in Cornwall at around 9pm on Monday.

Arnold pictured with his rescuers during the dramatic rescue as they prepare to put him on a boat to safety
Eyewitness Terry Barnecutt, who took photographs of the scene, said: "He was a big 15 stone dog.
"He didn't want to walk across the beach. He just wanted to sit there. I knew going down the steps that there was no way he'd get back up.

"The steps are not normal steps, there are double the height of normal sized steps.
"Even an adult would have to use big steps. The tide was coming in, it was getting on a bit.

"The problem is there's no way out, especially for this dog who doesn't like getting his feet wet.
"Other than getting a chopper out, which is very expensive, there was no option to get him out, other than a lifeboat in that cove."
Arnold, a St Bernard-mastiff cross, was given a snack on the beach and co-operated.

It took six people using an animal net, to lift him into the D-Class inshore lifeboat, along with his distressed owner, and they were taken to safety.
They were taken around the coast to nearby Porth Beach where crews had to carry exhausted Arnold up the beach to the road.
A spokesperson for the RNLI said: "Newquay lifeboat was paged at ten to nine to assist to recover a dog and its owner.
"It was not too big a job but the coastguard was concerned about whether they could fit a huge dog in the D Class lifeboat.
"The dog was fine, just very old."

The cliff which Arnold was too big to climb the steps back up

Arnold, who is obscured, is taken off the high-tide beach and taken to drier land

Life crews scrambled for dramatic sea rescue ... of 15st dog stuck on beach | Mail Online