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Thread: Baby lion gets Anthelmintic Therapy

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    Default Baby lion gets Anthelmintic Therapy

    Yay, it's another beautiful baby lion, this one in Germany! The mother, Shaba, gave birth to the lil guy and two other cubs on April 20. The family currently lives in Osnabrueck, Germany and are being watched over at the zoo they call home. This cub is still unnamed (I bet we can suggest some cute names in our comments below!), but it's not too soon for him to get a special anthelmintic therapy during a medical check on May 16. Sounds like a fancy term but it's actually something many of us have gotten for our household pets. Curious what it is (and to see more piccys) just read more.
    Anthelmintics are drugs that expel parasites (aka, helminths) from the body, by either stunning or killing them. Some common types that your pets and even you . . . yuck! can get are hookworm, pinworm, and ringworm infestations as well as other intestinal parasites.

    Adoro Baby Lion Gets Anthelmintic Therapy! | baby animals, cute, germany | PetSugar - Furry Friends.

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    This picture is my favorite!
    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

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    I love how his little nose wrinkles up in that first pic! Medicine is yucky!

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    lol poor baby, medicine sucks ,his heads huge

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    awww what a gorgeous lion cub

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