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Thread: Lonegan the wonky donkey finds his feet again after surgery

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    Default Lonegan the wonky donkey finds his feet again after surgery

    Back to front: Lonegan was unable to walk after cramped conditions in the womb twisted his legs before he was born

    A RARE miniature donkey twin born with severely deformed legs is having corrective treatment that may eventually enable him to stand on his own four feet.

    On the mend ... Lonegan the wonky donkey with his leg splints, and (right) the crooked legs he was born with. Photos: Barbara Bracken

    Donkey twins Lonegan and Donegan were born at Willowdale Donkey Stud in Western Australia on March 29.
    Owner and Perth donkey breeder Barbara Bracken said it was believed there were just four sets of miniature donkey twins in the world.
    “It’s very rare for twins to live,” she said.
    “Equines don’t carry twins, they either abort both at six months or give birth to one live and one stillborn.”

    With the help of David Murphy, an associate professor at Murdoch University’s equine centre, casts were put on Lonegan’s legs to pull them a little straighter. These casts have now been replaced by splints which are changed daily.
    Prof Murphy told The Sunday Times in Perth that the problem sometimes occurred in horses, but he had never seen a case as bad as this.
    The cost of the treatment is expected to be around $25,000, and fundraising efforts have so far reached $10,000.
    “He’s doing really well,” said Ms Bracken. “Everything we do to him he just accepts, he’s an amazing little bloke.”
    Lonegan can now stand, walk and play, but without the leg splints he would be literally, on his “ass”.
    “He knows everyone’s coming to visit him. He’s getting quite full of himself.”
    The twins are named after Irish singer Lonnie Donegan.
    For more information, visit

    Lonegan (right) and his brother Donegan with their mother

    Recovery: Lonegan after his operation

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    donkeys are sooooooooo cute and sweet

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    bless his little heart, he's a doll!

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