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Thread: Food mission for pets in volcano town

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    Default Food mission for pets in volcano town

    <H2>Some 450 dogs and 350 cats left behind in a southern Chilean town after residents fled a volcano eruption are being fed by special army convoys.

    </H2> A dog in the ash-covered streets

    The country's Defence Minister Jose Goni said 14 officers were entering the town of Futaleufu in short visits and leaving animal feed in the streets.
    They have also have freed pets trapped in their houses.
    Futaleufu is located 950 miles south of the capital of Santiago and about 100 miles from the Chaiten volcano.
    The volcano has blanketed the town near the Argentina border with up to 20cm of ash since it started erupting on May 2.
    Only 400 of the usual 1,500 residents remain in their homes and the water supply to the town has been cut off.
    Those evacuated complain they are in a state of limbo as authorities are unable to say when it will be safe to return.
    The volcano continues to spew a tall column of ash and gas and Satellite images show a white stripe smeared across the southern part of South America.
    Though it is too early to say what the long-term effects will be, ecologists say life has permanently changed in the region's pine and cypress forests, inhabited by pumas and huemules, a rare species of deer.
    "I am tremendously worried because this is an environmental, social and ecological disaster," said Alejandro Beletzky, an environmental scientist from an affected region in Argentina.

    Chile's Chaiten Volcano: Army Help For Pets Abandoned As Owners Flee Ashes |Sky News|World News

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    Who would leave a dog to face this??
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    ^^I have no clue! My pets would be the first thing out the door with me.

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