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Thread: This Rhino cutie is only one day old

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    Default This Rhino cutie is only one day old

    Yes, here on PetSugar the baby animals keep getting younger and younger! If you thought that four-day-old fellow I featured last week was absolutely adoro, this newborn will leave you speechless. My fave features of this lil boy are his huge ears and huge feet. This one-day-old rhino makes his home in Krefeld, Germany and was just born on May 7. He's actually a Black Rhinoceros (Manjula was an Indian Rhinoceros) and will grow up to have two horns where those bumps are now! It's hard to get an idea just how tiny he is about 80 pounds.

    This Rhino Cutie Is Only One Day Old! | baby animals, Black Rhinoceroses, cute | PetSugar - Furry Friends.

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    That last picture is so cute. He looks like a little clay sculpture of his momma

    I got to pet and feed a Rhino at the SDZ. His name is Gram (yes, it's spelled that way). He was so cool.

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    How adorable.

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