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Thread: Zeus, the 70-stone manta ray takes to the sky (with the help of a helicopter)

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    Default Zeus, the 70-stone manta ray takes to the sky (with the help of a helicopter)

    His namesake is the mythological god of the sky but as Zeus the manta ray flew through the clouds, he was at the mercy of a helicopter until it reached the shore.

    The 70-stone sea creature was carried on a vast net to the Atlantic Ocean from Paradise Island in the Bahamas, where he had been in captivity for three years.
    As part of a research and release program at the Atlantis resort, the massive black ray was lowered into the open sea.
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    Star in the sky: Zeus takes to the air

    Spanning 13ft in diameter, Zeus had to be transported on a hydraulically welded frame to make sure he got to the water safely.
    Following the two hour journey, the Ray, which has a 3dt-wide mouth, was released after spending three years as a popular tourist attraction at the resort.
    Marine biologists will now monitor his movements through a satellite tracking tag.
    Freedom: Zeus is lowered into the ocean, his days as a tourist attraction over

    Pictured: Zeus, the 70-stone manta ray takes to the sky (with the help of a helicopter) | the Daily Mail

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    Awww. It's nice to see that he's been set free They are beautiful and graceful in the ocean.

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    Yay! So cute!
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    how cool, glad he will be free

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    Wonder what the poor thing was thinking?
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    uh.. how did they keep it from drying out, and how did it breathe for those 2 hours?
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