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Thread: Goose attack!

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    Default Goose attack!

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    OMG! That duck hated that dog! Poor doggy!
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    rofl "That daggone goose mess you you, girl?"

    Stupid canadian geese, they're always batshit
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    That poor doggie!! Is it wrong that it made me laugh???

    The cemetery where my family is buried is chock full of Canadian geese. They crack me up, but are a little batshit. I find most geese to be a bit batshit.

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    crazy goose!!!
    swans have nasty tempers too. i once saw a daddy swan attack a rower. the idiot geese built their swan right by where all the rowers had to go by to get to the river, and every time one went by, the goose would flap his wings like mad and run on the water before lunging at the rowers. he must have done it 20 times a day. most of the rowers managed to swerve to the side to avoid him but the one i saw didn't and freaked out and jumped into the water.
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