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Thread: Update on my puppy!

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    Default Update on my puppy!

    I am excited to say that we have had such a turn around with Maddox and his potty training! It's been a while since he has had an accident in the house.
    We do, however seem to have a problem with itching and biting. He has been to the vet twice, and they say "allergies". First visit we were given some antihistimine to start him on and some new shampoo. Said no fleas really, just may be dry skin and we gave him the anithistimines in the am, and benadryl at night for 3 weeks. Still itching and scratching. Used 3 of the capstar pills and frontline twice in the past few months...his last visit to the vet they said some dogs are just more sensitive to fleas, and even a few would make them do that. We used advatage(?) flea prevention this time and he is on the benadryl twice a day.
    Someone mentioned food allergies, but the vet's office poo poo'd that idea. Said at 19 weeks he was too young to develop food allergies. He started on puppy chow, and had eaten that until this week when i bought purina one puppy food. Figured we would see if it helped.
    Any advice or suggestions would be so appreciated!
    Let me just say, I love this dog to death!! It's kind of weird (to me at least) that I can't wait to get home to him and find myself scheduling things he can do with us and not staying gone long if he can't come...Am I nuts or just a new dog mommy? LOL
    I have got to get some pic of him-he is beautiful!! He will be 5 months old this months, and weighs 45 lbs.

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    I still think it's food allergies, I read about dogs a lot. I can relate to your love for your baby, we adopted a Pug last year and have just lost our minds over her. I don't like to leave her either and can't wait to get home and play with her!

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    Not nuts,just a dog lover! They are such a joy to be around! You know,I kinda have to go with the dog food allergy,despite the vet. My tiny one (8.6 pounds) is miserable when fed lamb ...
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    I'm glad to hear his potty training's going well.

    Can you get Stronghold flea treatment over there? Our last dog was really sensitive to flea bites and Stronghold seemed to be the only flea treatment that helped.

    I'd still consider the idea of food allergies. We get Burns Hollistic food for our pup. (although again, I'm not sure it's available in America) It might be worth looking for a good quality hypo-allergenic food, like James Wellbeloved or something similar.

    I have to say my pup didn't do well on Purina One puppy food at all and had a constant upset stomach till we changed to Burns. Knowing my luck with pets and health though, I probably got the pup with the ultra sensitive stomach.

    And no, you're not nuts at all. Welcome to the world of a dog lover lol.

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    Glad to hear your pup is well.Nope your not nuts I feel the same way about my 3 dogs.

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