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Thread: Ancient elephants lived in water

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    Default Ancient elephants lived in water

    An ancient relative of the modern elephant may have lived in an aquatic environment. Fossilized teeth were found embedded in a rock in northern Egypt's Faiyum region, which is known to have been a coastal system that changed often from swamp to river and back again.
    Little did I know that elephants share a common ancestor with manatees and other aquatic animals, so it makes sense that they would have some sort of water connection. Although the teeth that were found indicate that the ancient animals didn't quite look like we know them today – minus the recognizable trunk and much much smaller in stature (about three feet tall at the shoulder) – this creature would have eaten the freshwater plants that grew in the area. "Essentially it's a hippo-like mode of life. That's the closest animal that we can think of today," said Alexander Liu of Oxford University's department of earth sciences, lead author of recent research on the teeth. No wonder elephants are such good swimmers!

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    I think that is so cool to see them swim! I knew they were related to the manatee. we love to go to FL and see manatees in the wild. they are so gentle and playful, I can just watch them all day! cool article, Honey!

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    I love elephants. I know it sounds weird, but I've always wished there were mini elephants that could be kept as pets and played with. They're so gentle and sweet, and it just breaks my heart to know that some of them are severely abused.
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