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Thread: Sheep gives birth to five lambs

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    Default Sheep gives birth to five lambs

    A sheep gave birth to a whopping FIVE lambs - beating odds of one in a million.

    The plucky ewe held on to her tiny offspring after the amazing delivery at Solomon's Farm in Rolvenden, Kent.
    Farmer Jenny Homewood said today: "It's incredible - my husband and I have got a combined 55 years experience in farming and we've seen this only once before." Scroll down for more...
    Woolly herd: This sheep beats odds of one in a million to have five lambs

    She continued: "The mother is so small as well - none of us can believe that she was pregnant with so many."
    The 52-year-old added sheep commonly give birth to two or three babies - but almost never to five.
    She said: "We've rear thousands of sheep every year - the odds must be one in a million.
    "It's too many lambs for her to look after, though. "We've already fostered one out to ease the burden on her. And we're bottle-feeding the others."

    Ewe are one in a million: Sheep gives birth to FIVE lambs | the Daily Mail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    She said: "We've rear thousands of sheep every year -
    okay, this made me giggle a little bit
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    awwwwww sheep are so cute!
    we had one as a pet when i was little (then we moved and had to donate her to this zoo type place) and they are the most adorable animals ever. i wish i could have a sheep again!!!
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    those lambs are precious! How could any one eat one?

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