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Thread: Saved seal makes it back into sea

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    Default Saved seal makes it back into sea

    A seal pup found abandoned and badly injured six months ago has been released back into the wild after making a fantastic recovery.
    Gilly the seal was so poorly when she was found off the coast of Scarborough in North Yorkshire she almost died.
    She was saved by staff at the local Sealife centre who've spent months nursing her back to health. Now she's starting her new life back at sea.
    Gilly's also been tagged so experts can keep track of where she goes.

    Watching Gilly make her way into the sea as she was released, Sealife expert Todd German said her recovery had been fantastic. "We hope that Gilly will integrate into this seal colony," he said. "She'll become part of the social group and she'll gain some skills, like learning where the fishing grounds are."

    CBBC Newsround | Animals | Saved seal makes it back into sea

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    aw this story has a great ending!
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