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Thread: Anyone work at, use a doggie day care?

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    Default Anyone work at, use a doggie day care?

    First, condolences to those who have lost or have sick animals.

    As the title states, anyone work at or used a doggie daycare? Once my shoulder is healed I want to look into working at one, as I love dogs (I have 3).
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    I had a great one where we used to live! See Petite Pooch in Farmers Branch Tx. All doggies under 40 pounds,not caged but gallop free & just so cute!!
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    I use a woman, she runs it at her home. She picks my dog up at 10 and drops him off at 6. If I'm going to be late or have plans she'll even keep him overnight for an extra fee. She has her own dogs, and a few other daycare dogs.

    Its great, my dog gets a social life.

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    our neighbor uses one. i dont know how much it costs, but they did a story on the doggie day care she uses, and it seemed pretty neat. they also had a turtle, a bunny and a cat there.
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    Here you can place your dog in doggie daycare for about $18 per day. They divide the dogs into groups by size. People I know have really liked the service.

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    ^^^ that's a good deal.

    we take our dog to a day care place occasionally. it is cageless and they have an indoor area for the sedentary dogs and an outdoor area for the active ones. they 'interview' the dogs prior to letting them in so they can screen out the aggressive ones. it's a great service and i couldn't recommend it more.

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    They don't generally pay well, just so you know. Not that life is all money, money money
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    I planned on using one for my Pug on days I have to go in to the office, but she doesn't like other dogs! she'd rather stay at home and play with her toys and catch up on her sleep. she's a diva.

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