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Thread: LOLseals Photo Caption Contest

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    Default LOLseals Photo Caption Contest

    The LOLseals Photo Caption Contest is simple: we provide you with photos of little baby harp seals, and you create a caption for the photo. The caption can be funny, cute, endearing ... whatever you choose.
    Our judge, Nigel Barker (from "America's Next Top Model") will pick the best caption. He's been up on the ice in Canada observing the baby seal nursery for himself!
    The winner will get a prize pack filled with Protect Seals gear. All entries will be featured in a slideshow on our website. For official contest rules, click here.
    Seals are precious, innocent, and adorable ... so let's celebrate and appreciate their cuteness! After you've entered the contest, check out to find out how you can get involved in the cause to help save these beautiful creatures.

    The LOLseals contest is based off the idea of an image macro, where text is superimposed on a photo.

    To enter the contest:
    Step 1: Choose your favorite photo
    Click on the link below the photo you'd like to caption. Once you're done, save it to your computer and follow the rest of the steps below.

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    Smile LOLseals Winners!

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    That's just the best photo!! Absolutely CUTE!
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    how wonderful and cute is this pic

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