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Thread: Penthouse dog potty: spoiled sweet or spoiled rotten?

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    Default Penthouse dog potty: spoiled sweet or spoiled rotten?

    Training a new puppy can be a tough job. One of the toughest has to be potty training! But fortunately with persistence and love, your pup will get the hang of the whole peeing-outside-not-on-the-carpet thing. But for some people, being there when your puppy really needs to go can be a problem.

    Indoor potties just might help your pup learn where he can go, verses where he can't, during those times you are away and I've got pals with small dogs that use a variation of this product. So, if you're a fan of the indoor potty idea, tell me what you think of this luxe Penthouse Indoor Potty! Coming with the platform, K9 grass, drainage tray, easy clean-up catch pan . . . and, oh, a $450 price tag, this one may just break the bank.

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    I know people who use these for their dogs, a few of them live in condos and want their dogs to have the feeling of going on grass. I think they are pampered spoiled dogs!
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    My friends have a Shitzu and a Boston Terrier pup and they use those damn puppy pads. Now I'm all for using them when potty training but they've basically kept up the practice so they don't have to take the dogs for walks. I find something wrong in allowing your dog to poop in the house as a permanent thing. Their place always smells like piss and shit.
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    Oh, I love it and I'd pay that much,too. Go spoiled doggies!!!!!!!!!

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