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Thread: Sleepypod Mini for the little kitty

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    Default Sleepypod Mini for the little kitty

    We talk so much about crates and carriers, and how handy they are when it comes to travel, but the design of this carrier seems to be totally unique . . . and perfect for the kitties! Sleepypod Mini ($134.50) is a plush resting place for your tiny pal (under eight pounds) that's easy to care for, and best of all take anywhere. Since I can't stress enough about how important car safety is, this carrier is PetSugar approved, since both the sleek Sleepypod and Sleepypod Mini come equipped to be buckled in while your animal sleeps inside.

    To make nap time even cozier, Sleepypod has an available Warmer ($55) that slips into the bottom layer, keeping your pets comfy on chilly nights . . . and, just to get a little more geeky, it even has a car adapter to keep the toasty warmth coming on the road! Maybe this should have been a Spoiled Sweet or Rotten poll, no?

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    i love my cats, but nope, no way.
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    Every one of my cats would have a shit fit if I tried to put them into something like this.

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    my cats would most likely kill me if I tried to put them in that.

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    One year for Christmas, we bought all of our cats beds that looked like fuzzy little tents and tunnels. They won't touch them. Now, a hard plastic box or a paper bag...they're all over it

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    ^Kids and critters love cardboard best!
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