Meet Cindy, the Cavalier King Charles who's the queen of doggy-balancing.

The remarkable little spaniel is the pride and joy of retired electro-plater Ron Bucknall and his wife Irene of Wolverhampton.
"I've had dogs all my life but I've never come across one like this before," says 75-year-old Ron. Scroll down for more...
Balancing act: Spaniel Cindy holds up to yoghurt pots for her owners

Plastic bottle: The dog opts for Pepsi Max during another trick

"I can do tricks with this dog that you'd have to go through another 1,000 dogs to find."
Eight-year-old Cindy was bought as a puppy when she became too much for her first owners, who had a young family.
She is not in the best of health with a weak heart and arthritis. Her legs are strengthened with steel implants.
"She may not be very healthy," says Ron, "but when it comes to being clever, she's really clever."
The secret of her act is an ability to go into a trance-like state. Scroll down for more...
Pride and Joy: Cindy with owner Ron (right) and his grandson Thomas

But her owner stresses: "You can't make her do anything. She does it all herself, and only when she wants to."
At the command: "You're dead," Cindy rolls on to her back with her feet in the air.
"At first she wags her tail," explains Ron. "Then I put just a piece of biscuit in her mouth and she freezes. Honestly, not a hair on her body moves.
"There's nothing cunning about this. I have to trim her nails and cut the hair between her toes before she can balance things.
"When she is balancing she is nearly asleep. In fact if you just leave her, sometimes she drops off."
Once Cindy is stock-still, Ron balances coasters, CDs, yoghurt pots, sponges and plastic bottles on her paws and nose.
"I've never known a dog like her," he says. "I've often thought I'd like a really good video of her to cheer people up. It would be just the thing for children in hospital on Christmas Day."

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