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Thread: Pedigree Million Dog Mosaic

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    Default Pedigree Million Dog Mosaic

    Here's your dog's chance to help us help dogs: We'll make a $1 donation* to The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive for every dog photo that's uploaded to the mosaic.

    Add a dog.
    Upload your favorite dog photo today. To help you find your shot in the mosaic, we'll send you a search code. Then, for a little face time with your dog, simply enter the code and—zoom—you're there.

    Tell a friend.
    Share the mosaic with other dog lovers. Just give us their email addresses and we'll make a donation for every photo they upload.

    Pedigree¨ - Million Dog Mosaic

    Check out the mosaic, it looks great

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    This is too cute!! Of course I had to sent in a picture of my new baby lab mix, Ruby!

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    That is a really cool idea.

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