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Thread: Paris Hilton doesn't care about her kitty

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    Default Paris Hilton doesn't care about her kitty

    Paris Hilton doesn't care about her pussy. TMZ has learned that a vet claims Paris dropped her pussy named Prada off a couple of weeks ago and hasn't picked her up. Paris adopted Prada from the Kris Kelly Foundation a week before going into jail and was supposed to have it neutered right away, but waited until January 30th. She dropped her pussy off, but never came back. Kris Kelly called Paris to find out what was going on, but couldn't get a hold of her.

    Paris' camp claims Kris is just pissed off, because Paris was in talks to work with her foundation. That is not happening, so Kris is talking shit on Paris. Kris still claims it's a case of abandonment.

    Paris obviously doesn't care about her pussy. She passes it out to anyone and everyone, leaves it hanging, probably feeds it way too much, doesn't wash it and gives it stupid names. Oh and she doesn't care about her cats either.

    This reminds me of a blind item Ted Casablanca had a couple of weeks ago about a Hollywood chick who leaves her pets in closets and completely forgets about them. The maid has found a few dead....Hmmm......

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    She shouldn't be allowed to have pets at all. It's more than obvious she doesn't care about any of them.

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    Repost...or the one I replied to earlier is.
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    Let's tar and feather her

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