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Thread: Hairball remedies

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    Default Hairball remedies

    My sweet puddy tat Godfrey is suffering from hairball problems. He and Claire eat Science Diet cat food for indoor kitties, which is supposed to help with this. I have given previous long-haired cats that gel stuff you buy from the vet for hairballs but they always hated it and it was messy. I will do this if I must to help him but thought I would check with the experts here at GR to see if there is something else out there I don't know about.

    I think the poor guy has dropped a little bit of weight lately from this.
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    I used to put vaseline on my finger and my cat would like it off (she LOVED it) as a way to clean out/lube up her hairy innards. My next cats didn't like the taste, so I smeared it on their noses, which they begrudgingly licked off. Worked for them!
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    I used Petromalt. I would put a little on her front paw, she would freak out, run around trying to shake it off, and then lick it clean.

    Eventually she would get excited when she saw it, because it tasted good...

    Here is a link to the product: petromalt - Hairball Remedies

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