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    Default Dog Cave Kennels

    This Canine Fine Art Cave was named after Browning Passage, an inlet just off Tofino, B.C. where its arch was found. Once caught floating out to sea, it is now mated to a soft, brown Terrier-Rock cave, similar in colour to many rocks found along the passage. Majestic yet compact, this fine art cave was made for the canine companion who prefers an out of the way spot to rest!

    Once through the grand cathedral-like entry of the root, a quick turn to the right brings the new owner immediately into the spacious, cushion cavern in the rear of the cave. Here they can either curl up or stretch out in complete privacy. For those companions concerned about home security, a perimeter-sized cushion can be made to utilise the entire floor area allowing for a clear view of the room from inside the cave. Comes with its own Sidekick Rock.

    For the canine seeking the ultimate in comfort, privacy, and style, this magnificent Canine Fine Art Cave offers it all. The foremost feature is its arch, a naturally formed, coat hook shaped branch salvaged from from a wind fallen, yellow cedar tree that began its life approximately 400 years ago near Cannery Bay, a long abandoned commercial fishing destination on the inner west coast of Vancouver Island. Debarked and bleached multiple times to create a smooth bone-like appearance, it now stands proudly mated to a spacious cave body, reminiscent of stone caves inhabited by wolves for centuries and to this day. Should a secure, den for breeding purposes ever be required, Cannery Bay will definitely please all new mothers. This spacious abode will accommodate any sized pooch from the smallest to practically the largest.

    This robust, Canine Fine Art Cave is named after the place where its massive, shore pine root was found, Vargas Island, located on the rugged, west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. One of Scottie’s Fine Art Caves’ more compact caves, made for a small to medium sized canine companion.

    The oversized arch, coupled to a stout Basalt colored Terrier-Rock cave ties in to much of Vargas Island’s rugged beauty. An elegant, sturdy dwelling, Vargas Island is designed to be lifelong home your best friend will grow to love. When outfitted with a thick dog bed, seeing them sleeping inside,the term “Canine Comfort” will beg to be redefined.

    These cost between $5,900 and $6,700

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    That's cool! I've never seen that cave at Tofino, tho mostly I just surf there.
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    Oh, I love them! But she's goa canopy bed so... nothing is better! Hihihihi!
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