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Thread: 11-stone/154 lb labrador rescued from cruel owners sheds half his bodyweight

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    Thumbs up 11-stone/154 lb labrador rescued from cruel owners sheds half his bodyweight

    An overweight Labrador whose owners were convicted of cruelty for allowing him to get so heavy has lost over five stone.

    The dog Rusty was taken away from his owners, brothers Derek and David Benton, in March 2006 after RSPCA officers discovered the 11 1/2 stone (74.2kg) pooch was struggling to walk.
    The dog was also suffering from arthritis, which had been exacerbated by his obesity. Scroll down for more...
    Fat to thin: A healthy Rusty now (left) and obese Rusty as he was a year ago (right)

    The Bentons, from Fordham, Cambridgeshire, were convicted of cruelty last January, ordered to pay 250 for the RSPCA's legal costs and were given a three year conditional discharge. After 10 months apart, authorities said the Bentons were allowed to resume custody of the dog on the condition he lost weight.
    Owners: David and Derek Benton were convicted of cruelty last year

    After regular diet consultations with a vet, 10-year-old Rusty now weighs 6.3 stone (40kg) - nearly half of his original weight.

    Vet Alex Wylie, who has been helping Rusty slim down with a combination of a good diet and exercise, is delighted with his progress.
    Miss Wylie said: "Rusty has made huge progress. We can now feel his ribs and he has a waistline at last.
    "Prior to his treatment and weight loss Rusty was the most disabled dog I have ever seen in practice. However, he now has a proper life again.
    "He did literally look like a walrus. There were times when he couldn't get up from his back legs at all. It was horrible to see. "He is a much happier and healthier dog now, his pain is well-controlled and he walks much better than he could before. He can stand for long periods of time and doesn't tire as easily."

    11-stone dog rescued from cruel owners sheds half his bodyweight | the Daily Mail

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    Poor puppy. Glad he's ok now.
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    Poor thing. Glad he's getting better.
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    YES! That means we're just a few short years away from child obesity lawsuits. Man, what a great time to be alive, everyone's NUTS!
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    People are so fucking stupid!!! Could they not look at the dog and see that the poor thing was suffering? Some people should not be allowed to have a pet or reproduce. These two are prime examples of that.

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    Poor dog. I am glad he's doing better.

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    I hope they don't get this dog back.

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    I'm sorry, I know it's not right and the owner should be shot and all, but I just laughed my ass off.
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    haha 'i'm going to hell' was my first thought too. i know it's wrong but that pic is hilarious.
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