Puppy seeks owner. Must have nice loud voice so I can tell where you are, and a tidy home so I don't bump into things.

Please reply to Chance - the blind alsatian. Scroll down for more...
Something that goes bump in the night: Chance, here with his carer Linda Arnold, is just like any other puppy, knocking into things and wagging his tail

This seven-week-old bundle of fur is waiting at a foster home for someone to take him into their family. He has already won the hearts of staff at the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, where he was taken after birth.
Carer Linda Arnold, 28, said: "He is just like any other puppy - he just bumps into things. He hears well and always has a waggy tail."
She said that Chance learns quickly but his owners will need to help him out. "You have to chat to him so he knows where you are. Ideally it would be a tidy home he goes to so he knows where everything is."

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Awww, I bet he was rehomed quickly