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Thread: Please help the purloined pug!

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    Default Please help the purloined pug!

    Now, when I first heard the story about missing Scooter in late December, I had no idea the twist it would take. For those of you not familiar with the case, this Pug apparently dug the way out of his Dallas backyard on Christmas Eve and when his owners, Rob and Kim Velevis, returned home . . . there was no doggie. The awful twist here is that, shortly after the new year, they received a typewritten letter (postmarked from Tulsa) telling them that a woman in fact had their dog (and their address from his collar), but decided to give the dog to her daughter, and included $20 to thank them. The couple is offering to buy the girl her own dog in exchange for getting their loved one back and have created this email account ( for any tips. I can't even articulate how upset this story makes me, so I've included a clip of their heartbreaking news appearance when you read more.

    Please Help the Purloined Pug! | Kim Velevis, news, Pugs | PetSugar - Furry Friends.

    Awww. Some people are cruel and weird

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    That has been on the news here. Can you imagine someone being so heartless? This is just mean.
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    why would they do such a thing the dog was not for sale. i would go and get the dog and say thanks but no thanks and here is $40 for the food you had to buy to feed MY dog.

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    I can understand wanting a pug so badly as to "find" one for your own, but the thing is the lady has to realize the dog was somebody's baby.

    They are freaking expensive, but the truth is if you can't cough up the 500-800 for the dog you probably shouldn't have a dog anyway.

    I sold stuff on ebay to get my pug.

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    Whatever. That isn't legal, and they'll get the pug back. It's probably microchipped or tattooed, meaning identifiable as being the property (cringe) of the original owners. Unless the asshat of a daughter has papers proving it was legally sold to her, she hasn't a chance in Hell of keeping him.
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    I went through a long adoption process to get my Pug!

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    That bitch that took him is a drunk twat who admitted she had lost custody of ther daughter due to her 'alcohol problems' (cause she's not really a drunk, ya know). This was her way of making her daughter happy. Fuck both of them.

    Oohhhh, the asswippin' she would get from me if that were my dog! Problem is, no one knows where this worthless pig lives, except that she is in Oklahoma.

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