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Thread: Plastic surgery for pets?

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    Default Plastic surgery for pets?

    My apologies if something similar is posted, but I want to post the craziest trend I have seen advertised in ages. Seriously, have you guys heard of this? There are fake testicles they can insert for male dogs to "give them more confidence" and face lifts and botox....seriously I was shocked. Who in the hell would do this?

    A face-lift for a dog? Brazilian vet does it all
    Cosmetic Surgery For Prettier Pets, Procedures Not Just For People Anymore - CBS News
    More pets getting nipped and tucked - Pet Health -
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    Dancing on your grave!!!!


    Some of those Shar-Peis have been bred for wrinkles to the point where it impairs their vision and they really NEED facelifts in order to see. Breeders need to get priorities in order.

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