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Thread: Cute alert: baby panda wrestling

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    Default Cute alert: baby panda wrestling

    If you have the time, pull up a chair, sit down, and watch these little pandas go at it for what seems an eternity. They are really getting into it! Somewhere midway in the vid, when one of them is on his tippy toes swatting the other one on the head, I noticed that it looks like they're wearing furry, black leg warmers. Too freaking cute! I cry uncle.


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    Seriously...I am going to die after watching this video!! They are so cute it's ridiculous!!!

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    OMG! They're so cute and clumsy! Love how they strike a pose
    to lash out at the other one and then fall over backwards!
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    Cutest video of some roly-poly bundles of fuzz! I love pandas!

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