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Thread: Shoe-wearing elephant is big hit

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    Default Shoe-wearing elephant is big hit

    An elephant that lumbers along wearing SHOES is proving a big attraction in India.

    The elephant - called Radha - can be spotted wearing a swanky pair of beige designer shoes, made by a well-wisher called Raju Sagar in the city of Indore.
    Her shoes were made because Radha had a problem with her feet, which hurt when she walked.
    Here's Radha

    See the elephant wearing the shoes

    "It took me a lot of time, almost six months to make these shoes," said Raju.
    "Now my elephant is happy, so am I. Its legs won't hurt now." The shoes

    Click here to try our elephant quiz

    With the help of his friends and supporters in the neighbourhood, Raju is set to get the elephant another two shoes as well as other accessories.
    Elephants often get very special treatment in India, where people of the Hindu religion worship an elephant-headed god called Ganesh. Radha tries them out!

    The creatures have been under threat from poachers, who want them for their tusks, which are made of something called ivory.
    There has been a worldwide ban on ivory since 1989, but animal campaigners are still very worried about the creatures. But there's no doubting that Radha is a much-loved member of her neighbourhood.

    CBBC Newsround | Animals | Shoe-wearing elephant is big hit

    This is a kids site, hence how it is written.

    I love her shoes!

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    That’s a good idea. I’ve heard that elephants in India develop serious problems with their feet from walking on pavement.
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    AWWW!! I love elephants!! So cute!!

    Quiz: Elephants

    You got 5 right!
    Question 1

    How many months do elephants carry their babies for before giving birth?
    A: 9 months
    B: 15 months
    C: 22 months

    The answer was C

    Question 2

    How fast can an elephant charge?
    A: 12 mph
    B: 25 mph
    C: 40 mph

    The answer was B

    Question 3

    How long can elephants live for?
    A: 40-50 years
    B: 50-60 years
    C: 60-70 years

    The answer was C

    Question 4

    What are the two species of elephant?
    A: European and American
    B: Asian and African
    C: African and Australian

    The answer was B

    Question 5

    What time of year do elephants give birth?
    A: Spring
    B: Summer
    C: Any time

    The answer was C
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    you already know.


    they're so freakin' smart too! I adoooooooooooooooooore elephants!!!! they have the most amazing soulful eyes

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