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Thread: Feeding wild birds during the winter months

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    Default Feeding wild birds during the winter months

    Anyone have experience with this?

    I had a lot of fun feeding the local birds during the summer. There was a flock of about 20 birds that would show up every morning outside my window and sit there chirping waiting for their food. It was so cute. I loved to sit and watch how some of them would squabble and show deference to the others when feeding. This went on for about 3-4 months. Now my little flock seems to have flown on to warmer climes, and I miss them!

    Has anyone had success with attracting birds during the cold wet months? Or will I have to be content with just squirrels for a while? At most I've got about 3-4 birds showing up each day, hit and miss rather than with predictable regularity.

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    We attract them by hanging birdfeeders outside of the kitchen window. One is filled with birdseed and the other with some sort of sugar solution that my mom makes. When they are out there, we go out on the back patio and they are comfortable enough now to allow us to feed them rolls and bread.

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    I have never really had much luck with them in the winter until it snows then they are all over the feeders.

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    I always put some bread or seeds on a ledge or shed roof fr birds during winter. Once some birds find it they usually come back most days; I think it really helps them when the ground is frozen over in winter.

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    my mother feeds a faithful bunch of birds all year. They don't move to a warmer climate. She buys normal bird food at a mill (It comes in 10 kg bags)

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