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Thread: Strange/funny outfits for your pets

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    Default Strange/funny outfits for your pets

    I saw these in a poundstretcher style shop today and they made me laugh out loud. I think it is more to do with the kittie's shocked expression as well. The dog wedding dress is weird....they also had a little groom suit to go with it!! Have you ever dressed your pets in this sort of get-up?? I think our cat would eat us in our sleep if we tried to dress her in any of these!!

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    My cat would eat me on the spot if I even attempted to dress him up

    The only pet clothes I have are shoes for my dog, which he has to wear because he has bad back legs and he tends to twist his feet as he walks, which makes him cut the pads open.

    They look ridiculous and for about a week he refused to even stand up in them lol. He's got used to them now though.

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