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Thread: For the arachnaphobes: spider videos!

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    Default For the arachnaphobes: spider videos!

    I hate spiders with a passion, gots some serious arachnaphobe, yet cannot stop watching pics and videos of them (kinda like, morbid curiosity I guess). Here are some nasty videos of spiders that would seriously give me a heart attack if I saw them:

    1. YouTube - Night-time visitor

    2. YouTube - Spider in the kitchen

    3. YouTube - my x-mas spider

    4. YouTube - samui spider

    5. YouTube - Biggest spider ever in UK!!

    6. YouTube - 2 Giant House Spiders

    7. YouTube - huge uk house spider

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    not enough money in this world to make me look at them. even the titles scare the bejesus out of me.
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    I don't know where these people live but I've never scene spiders like that in my area. They don't scare me from the video but I'm sure if I saw them in real life, I'd pee myself.
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