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Thread: National Feral Cat Day - Tuesday 10/16/07

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    Arrow National Feral Cat Day - Tuesday 10/16/07

    Take The Next Step

    On October 16th, National Feral Cat Day (NFCD), Alley Cat Allies will launch a campaign to change the policies that kill feral cats and kittens. This year, along with newly developed materials to help you introduce the public to feral cats, we begin shedding light on the archaic and entrenched animal control systems throughout our country—systems that do not protect the lives of stray and feral cats.

    Our message is edgier than in the past because the time has come to stir people up, to help public officials discover the facts about cats, and to begin changing animal control policies.

    Alley Cat Allies implores you to take action: talk to your public officials, ask questions, engage residents to question animal control policies, and discuss how animal control practices are hurting or helping cats in your area.

    Feral Cat Coalition

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    Some time ago I took care of a colony of Ferels behind my townhouse. I fed them, but never managed to gain their trust. When I was moving away, I finally had to call animal control. The lady officer that came out to trap them advised me-after I worried outloud about their future-they were SO wild!-that usually after 3 days in a cage with food etc, they were just nice cats-easy to adopt.
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    Yeah, i have heard a lot of stories about feral cats being tamed. It usually takes a lot of time and effort but it can be done. I wonder if something can be done about my feral niece and nephew?

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