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Thread: The 2,500 Vivienne Westwood dog coat

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    Default The 2,500 Vivienne Westwood dog coat

    Parading in Prada and waltzing in Westwood, they are set to sparkle on the catwalk.

    Or perhaps that should be dogwalk.
    From dachshunds in diamonds to Scotties in sapphires, an exclusive canine couture fashion show is highlighting some of the biggest names in fashion. Scroll down for more...

    Top dog: The jewel-studded Vivienne Westwood collar costs a small forturne

    Designers including Vivienne Westwood, Ben de Lisi and Jemima Khan's favourite jeweller, Issa, and have all produced an Autumn-Winter range of luxury dog wear.
    British jeweller Stephen Webster, who created Madonna's wedding ring, has even customised a 500,000 bespoke diamond and precious jewel collar ahead of next month's Pet a Porter show.
    The collection, showcasing an estimated 1.5 million worth of jewels, will be paraded by some of the country's top mutt models on a 60 foot long, neon-lit catwalk at London's Harrods.
    The dogwear, including Webster's collar, will be available to buy on the night and will then go on sale in the store's specialist pet department.
    Items for sale include a 2,500 Westwood couture 'spring jacket', made from white diamonds and small sapphires, a Ben de Lisi - Kate Winslet's designer of choice - diamond-studded body warmer and an Issa 'candy coat'.
    Other luxury goods include a plastic jewelled tail decoration, a Juicy Couture fur paw warmer, a machine washable Aquascutum puffa jacket and Sexy Beast - a potent new scent created by a New York-based perfumer.
    With the 35 tickets rapidly selling out, celebrities including American actress Brittany Murphy, Elizabeth Hurley, Isabella Hervey and Harrods owner, Mohammed Al Fayed, are all expected to attend the champagne and canape-fuelled gala. With the size zero debate yet to hit canine modelling agencies, the animals - ranging from labradors to chihuahuas - will keep their own strengths up with special dog treats throughout the night.
    The show, which also raises money for the Retired Greyhound Trust, is just the latest example of the rise of pampered pooches.
    As well as special designer carry cases, in which owners transport their precious pets, some of Britain's top restaurants have started offering a gourmet doggy menu. Gyms have also started offering dog yoga classes - doga - while many owners spoil their animals with customised wooden dog beds.

    Ruff diamonds: The 2,500 Vivienne Westwood dog coat | the Daily Mail=

    Good grief!

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    That's so lovely. I've got a Vivienne Westwood necklace I cannot live without. But the coat is a little bit too "look at me you betches"!!!
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    Whew! For a second I was worried some designer was making coats out of dogs!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    Whew! For a second I was worried some designer was making coats out of dogs!!!!!
    That's what I was afraid of, and I was prepared to REBEL!

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