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Thread: Potty training advice

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    Default Potty training advice

    So I've had my puppy for a little while now (we decided to name him Wembley fyi) and am still working on the potty training aspect. We went with the crate training route, and everything was fine and dandy and he was steadily learning until his second round of vaccinations.

    He had a bit of a reaction to the ringworm vaccine which lead to some bad diarrhea...which then lead to him pooping in his crate (which I couldnt get upset by because he couldnt help it...we all know how it is with diarrhea, when you gotta go you gotta go ) After a few days that cleared up and hes fine now.

    Now heres the problem...since he poo'd in his crate, its like we're back on square 1 with the potty training. He pees and poos EVERYWHERE now, in his crate or out of it, it doesnt seem to matter to him...when the mood strikes him, he just goes...

    Any advice?
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    Have you thoroughly cleaned and sterilized the crate, bedding, toys, etc to remove any traces of scent from his 'accidents'? I'm afraid you are probably going to have to start all over again. Sorry. But with a bit of time and patience he should get back into his old habits again but you'll have to be extra vigilant about taking him to his pee/poo spot (wherever that is) after every meal and praise/reward him when he performs in the right place.
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