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Thread: Family searches feces of cash-eating dog

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    Talking Family searches feces of cash-eating dog

    MENOMONIE, Wis. - Debbie Hulleman's dog Pepper has been known to gnaw on lipstick, munch on shampoo bottles and chew on toothpaste. But Pepper got Hulleman into a real mess after gobbling nearly $750.


    "This is probably the worst," Hulleman said Thursday, recalling how she poked through vomit and dog piles left in the yard to recover the cash.

    Hulleman had asked her mother in Oakdale, Minn., to take care of Pepper and Zach, the family's other dog last month while she and husband went on vacation.

    Pepper, an 8-year-old black Labrador-German shorthair, got into a purse belonging to her mother's friend and chewed the cash from an envelope.

    Hulleman's mother recovered some of the money that Pepper spit out, thinking she had it all. But when Hulleman returned from the trip and went to clean up her dogs' mess outside, she noticed a $50 bill hanging from one pile.

    The chore of sorting through dog feces netted about $400, the 50-year-old dog lover said. Between that and other bills that Pepper had either vomited or simply chewed on, the family recovered $647.

    "We have a $100 bill that can't be recovered because you need three-fourths of a bill and it is only half of a bill," Hulleman said.

    The family swapped the soiled money for fresh currency at a bank.

    "It wasn't that bad. I soaked it and strained it and rinsed it. I just kept rinsing it and rinsing it. I had rubber gloves on of course," Hulleman said.

    "Everyone said, 'I can't believe you did that.' Well, for $400, yeah, I would do that," she said
    source Family searches feces of cash-eating dog - Yahoo! News

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    After having to sift through my own shit recently to retrieve a $600.00 crown that had come loose(and I had swallowed) these people have my sympathy.
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    After having to sift through my own shit recently to retrieve a $600.00 crown that had come loose(and I had swallowed) these people have my sympathy.

    Oh, gawd, that was hilarious!!!!

    My siberian ate $100 in tens and twenties out of my purse. I was really upset, worrying myself sick about who could have 'stolen' it from me. I became paranoid about my office mates who truly wouldn't steal. Well, 2 days later he walks in the living room and pukes up........a ball of twenties and tens, all in one piece. It was like a doggy ATM! I washed the money and set it up on the counter to dry.

    Soon after, I caught him eating it again, he had gotten some of it off the counter and this time the serial numbers were chewed off. I ended up with about $50. I thought the $$$$ must have smelled like hamburger grease or something to make him want it so bad. A month later, I caught him with a mouth full of cash he had gotten out of my billfold from my purse and I was able to snatch it from him in time to save it. Well, I guess he just takes after mommy and love money anywhere he finds it.

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    first off if i was dumb enough to leave my purse lying around with a grand in it, i'd have someone slap me. BUT if this happened to me, i'd get a knife and cut that dog open. i wouldn't wait for the shit.
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