Okay so he's 4 and a half, but he's still an adorable puppy to me! I won't bother posting pics because they don't do him justice (he seems to just stop and stare really bluntly when a camera is in the room).

Anyway my poor dog shakes at the smallest thing. But the thing is, in general he is so insanely fearless.
It seems to have started back in 2005 when we had a house fire and he was trapped in the kitchen with it for about 5 minutes, where we later realised he had pooped himself in the corner. He didn't bother barking to wake us up or anything though.
Then in late 2005 Lachey (that's his name) was sitting by my mum's feet asleep in the lounge as he usually does, when mum decided to stand up to go somewhere, and when she did she stood on one of his paws and he yipped really loudly. Then mum cracked the shits because, you know, she's selfish and loud and bad-tempered. She literally screamed and stamped her feet, I guess because she was shocked. But anyway it made Lachey run away and hide behind the couch I was sitting on. When I went to see how he was, I realised in horror that he was shaking like a leaf in a storm. Now whenever somebody moves an inch he jumps about a foot in the air. And whenever my parents argue in one room, my dog runs into another room, sometimes where I am, and I notice he's shaking all over again.
So last night, my dad's cell phone was on its last bit of battery so it was making a small blip every once in a while. It caused Lachey to shake once more. His shaking woke my folks up, as he was on their bed. HIS SHAKING woke them up.
Should I take this poor thing to see a professional dog psychiatreist or something, because he's obviously traumatized!
Keep in mind he's the loudest, most energetic and happy dog 24/7. It's just in these brief moments he seems to become terrified on his own shadow. Oh yeah and one more thing: Whenever we have the grill on, he freaks out and wants to go outside. Remarkable, I think, that a dog recalls from 2 and a half years ago that smoke means fire.

So sad.