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Thread: Jealous osprey makes up with mate

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    Default Jealous osprey makes up with mate

    Jealous osprey makes up with mate

    The birds return from West Africa to breed in Scotland
    An osprey which smashed rare eggs he believed were fathered by a rival is now helping to incubate a fresh clutch with his mate.
    The bird, called Henry, horrified visitors at the Loch Garten Centre on Speyside when he deliberately destroyed four eggs last month.

    The female, EJ, had mated with an older rogue male called VS rather than her usual partner.

    It now appears that she and Henry have been fully reconciled.

    Ospreys from West Africa have been coming to Loch Garten for 50 years.

    This year, the saga of jealousy and violence began when EJ returned before Henry and mated with VS.

    When Henry arrived he knew the eggs in the nest were not his and kicked them out. He did the same to the next clutch.

    Staff at the RSPB hide had feared the pair would fail to breed this season.

    However, two weeks on EJ has laid again. Henry is the father and he has been helping his mate incubate the eggs.

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    Cool story! Reminds me of a blue heron who used to sit outside a houseboat in Sausalito where a friend of mine used to live. He was one curmudgeonly old coot. Cranky and brayed all the time! He didn't even have a girlfriend, poor bugger. That was probably his problem

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