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Thread: Confused Cockatoo trying to hatch chocolate eggs

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    Red face Confused Cockatoo trying to hatch chocolate eggs


    A confused Cockatoo has spent the past two weeks trying to hatch a bowl of 20 Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

    Pippa, a 17-year-old silver crested cockatoo perched on top of the eggs when owner Geoff Grewcock bought them as Easter gifts for friends and family.

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    Protective: Pippa won't let anyone near her Cadbury's cream eggs. The confused Cockatoo thinks she can hatch them

    Pippa happily protects the confectionary as baffled Geoff searches for an explanation for the bird's bizarre behaviour.

    Geoff, who runs a wildlife centre, said: "I'm still scratching my head, I just can't figure out why she thinks these chocolates are her eggs.
    "When I first saw her perched there I thought it was hilarious but now I'm a bit worried about her. "She's always been a bit nuts but this is beyond belief."

    Now Geoff says he must buy a new batch of chocolate eggs for his family because of Pippa's misplaced mothering.
    "If you try and take one she goes absolutely crazy," he added.
    "My sister loves chocolate but I've never known anything or anybody to be that protective of Cadbury's creme eggs.

    "Now I'll have to go and buy some more so that my family have something for Easter Sunday - I'll be keeping the new batch well hidden."
    Pippa usually sits happily on her perch in the corner of Geoff's living room, which he shares with his sister at their bungalow in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

    But since the discovery of the eggs, Pippa always returns to them several times a day - just like she would if they were real.
    Pippa has been on display at Warwickshire Wildlife Centre up until two years ago when Geoff decided he wanted her as a pet.
    Even Geoff's 12-year-old niece has felt the wrath of Pippa's anger when she went to take one of the chocolates when she visited her uncle last week.

    Little Megan, said: "I wanted the egg but she wouldn't let me have it. "She went mad and started making a lot of noise - it made me jump."

    Meet Pippa, the confused Cockatoo trying to hatch Cadbury's Creme Eggs | the Daily Mail

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    Poor birdy! Poor Easter Bunny!
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    awww that's so cute...what will she think however as time goes on and they don't hatch....

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    Back in the boxed wine.


    Awww bless.

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    Aaaw! Poor bird.

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    haha cockatoos...are crazy.
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    That is precious. Now they'll have to grow stale there until she figures out they're never going to hatch... which is kinda sad actually

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